Replacement building for Chem/Bio/Eng. at University of Wuppertal

Competition 2nd prize entry


Wuppertal, Germany

Competition Team
BFR Lab in collaboration with Sabri Gokmen, Charlotte Richardson and Barbara Nowak

Developed the digital model of the proposal with rendered elevation drawings.

Urban and Landscape Concept: The main urbanistic idea is the creation of a recognizable address for the university campus of the Wuppertal through a new square. The two storey volume of the Technikum forms an anacrusis to the campus and allows for first views into science world of the university. The surface of the square is designed as a linear pattern which spreads over the street level and the accessible roof. The roof presents itself as inhabitable space with sport facilities and recreation areas. 

Architectural Concept: The building articulates three main volumes, which are connected through a foyer space to one entity. The main entrance is located on the level of the Gauss Street opposite of main entrance to the auditorium building. From the outside, the building is characterized through horizontal window bands with rhythmically changing dimensions. The relief of the facades creates plasticity and playfulness within recumbent horizontality.  

Facades: The façade uses fiber concrete panels, which allows geometries to realize beyond rectilinear geometries in a cost effective and technically simple way. Through that choice structural loads and thereby the amount of grey energy and costs are reduced. Also, the mineral based build-up simplifies a future recycling. On the south facing façade, PV-modules are integrated into the façade to optimize the energy performance of the building.

Energy Concept: The architectural design is based on energetic considerations. The south orientation of the building with large transparent façade area supports the passive use of solar energy in the winter. During the summer the external sun protection creates – in combination with open thermal masses and night ventilation – a comfortable environment in the building.