Sabri Gokmen, PhD is a computational designer and researcher with a multi-faceted interest on form that combines historical, theoretical, computational and biological perspectives. His expertise covers various topics in digital making featuring computational geometry, parametric modeling and digital fabrication while developing interdisciplinary and innovative approaches towards research. Sabri holds both a PhD and master’s degree on computational design from Georgia Institute of Technology. His PhD research is a re-evaluation of Goethe’s scientific writings, while developing algorithms to study its implications on understanding form and growth in both natural and architectural morphogenesis.

Apart from his research and teaching record, Sabri has been involved with numerous public art projects and collaborations that have been exhibited in New York, Atlanta, Paris and Switzerland. In 2014, Gokmen won an international competition to build “Calyx” – an experimental art project featuring generative design and digital fabrication at the University of Rochester campus. Recently, his article titled “Metamorphic Leaves” was accepted in Leonardo Journal that aims at developing a new computational approach towards the study of natural morphogenesis using Goethe’s concept of polarity.

Currently, Sabri holds an Assistant Professor and Associate chair position at Kadir Has University, Istanbul, Turkey, leading effort to introduce new methods and technologies in undergraduate curriculum.