Vitalized Geometry



Moutier, Switzerland

Sabri Gokmen & BFR Lab (Daniel Baerlecken, Judith Reitz, Matthias Frei)

Daniel Baerlecken & Sabri Gokmen

Matthias Frei

Aluminum Sheets, Stainless Screws

Developed the algorithm to generate the ornamental tessellation tiles, connectivity networks and fabrication files

This project brings together multiple ongoing research interests in geometry planarization, ornamentation and fabrication. The piece is designed for an exhibition held in a historic museum in Moutier where one of the rooms is decorated with a suspended chandelier installation. The structure is covered with infilling tendrils that invoke a sense of continuity as well as turn the form into a radiating structure that creates changing visual effects inside the exhibition space.

Form: The form of the sculpture is achieved through mesh surface relaxation. Various alternatives are tested using different number of tiles, surface complexity and relaxation parameters until a desired relationship between the surface geometry and planarization is achieved. These tiles are then tessellated with ornament before fabrication. 

Ornament: The installation uses recursive algorithms to infill any given polygonal tile surface by continually placing spiraling tendrils. While this tessellation technique maintains continuity among adjacent tiles by connecting polygon edges, they also create a wallpaper effect by adding ornament to the abstract tiles.