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Ver Sacrum
Atlanta, GA, 2015

Team: BFR Lab (Daniel Baerlecken, Judith Reitz, Matthias Frei) & Sabri Gokmen
Fabrication: Digital Fabrication Lab, Jacob Tompkins and Georgia Institute of Technology 
Assembly: Daniel Baerlecken & Sabri Gokmen

Ver Sacrum studies a new form of digital pattern making on architectural surfaces by combining organic figures with structural scaffolds. Ver Sacrum refers to an engraving at the Viennese Secession Building with its golden, highly ornamented dome structure. Taking inspiration from the Viennese Arts and Crafts movement, this suspended installation attempts to achieve a technologically driven version of ornamented surfaces, generating a radiant array of spatial effects. The three iconic structures undulate, creating a contrast to the architecture around the Decatur square. Light meets solid, as ornament engages with industrial structure, and overhead the vibrant pattern radiates and projects onto the surrounding surfaces.

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