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Urban Grid: Mod+
İstanbul, Turkey, 2019
Competition Entry
Project Team: Sabri Gokmen, Eren Demir, Çisem Nur Yıldırım

Modular urban furniture system designed and produced at the intersection of the physical and digital world:

The proposed system for urban furniture is a dynamic and modular structure idea that is designed at the intersection of digital and physical space. The grid has two different interfaces, and can respond to the contemporary and cosmopolitan structure of Istanbul. The physical elements of the project are the wooden grid system that can be easily assembled using the traditional "chidori" lock detail while adding various configurable furniture groups that can be produced with molds using recycled high-density polyethylene (HDPE) material. The digital interface of the project consists of a mobile application that can work with QR codes integrated through an online digital database and a social media network.

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