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Tomb for Didem Madak Çelik
Istanbul, Turkey, 2020

Competition Jury Prize
Project Team:

Sabri Gokmen with Eren Demir, Berat Kara

"Poetry is the art of beautifying danger ..."

-Didem Madak Çelik

The main theme of the tomb project designed for Didem Madak is a wrought iron pattern that symbolizes the poet's subconscious thoughts and allows them to be presented in an aesthetic frame by abstracting the imaginations she uses in her poems. The tomb, produced in a plain and simple language, consists of three main layers. The soil in the lower layer symbolizes the dark world in the subconscious, it contains the "dangerous" thoughts of the poet trying to reach this world. The ivy and blooming plants symbolizing the organic creative drive growing from this layer that are filtered through the poet's aesthetic views before meeting the light in the upper layer. The metal wrought iron pattern, which emerged as the main element of the design, is developed by analyzing the poems conveyed to us by "beautifying the danger". Creative channels that meet the light through the wrought iron layer envelop the poet in order to protect her from the reality she found so hard to endure.

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