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Seon Ji Yi| “Roughness: Mountain Ranges” 

Studio on Beauty
Vertical Design StudioSpring 2015, Georgia Tech, Atlanta

Instructors: Prof. Lars Spuybroek and Sabri Gokmen

During the twentieth century beauty became more and more suspect in the aesthetics of art and architecture. When we look carefully at the main aspects of that century’s aesthetics we encounter words like fracture, process, abstraction, deconstruction, fragment, purity, etc., words that are generally associated with the adverse of beauty, namely the sublime. Now, after those hundred years of minimalism, genocides and abstractions we have to find our way back to beauty.

Yeun Kim | “Opulence: Packing Crowds” 

Hannah Griggers | “Imperfection: Dry Stone Walls” 

Ralf Iberle | “Fragility: Train Tracks” 

Almir Divanovic | “Imperfection: Mud Cracking”

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