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Launch date: December 10th 2021, 2pm CT.

Mints completed: January 3rd 2022.


Spiromorphs are procedural roulette figures that generate emergent spiral morphologies using a unique hash. Each configuration is generated by chained circles overlaying periodic motions on an empty universe. The algorithm is capable of generating endless unique variations of different colors and forms while producing patterned behavior albeit quasi chaotic motion.

As a computational designer and architect, I have always been interested in generative systems and morphology. My fascination with natural forms, symmetry and growth led me to investigate generative algorithms in a creative way. This project was the culmination of long years of writing code and research while exploring an aesthetic outlook for spiraling morphologies.

Spiromorphs produce 6 morphology types (puff, sling, warp, bond,cycle, star), 16 color combinations, 6 types of symmetry folds and 3 animation speeds. Each variation is also defined through various parameters such as direction, length, opacity, circles and rotation. These parameters are all driven from the hash.

mint #0


Below are some of the test mints from Ropsten test net. 


There are 6 different morphologies for the project. Each type uses preconditioned parametric mechanisms to generate novel forms that generative similar forms. 








Below is the chart of possible color combinations for spiromorphs. These are categorized under light and dark themes with various aesthetic effects. 


Each variation is drawn using a method that is similar to how spirographs plot the trajectory of rotating circles. Below is a sample of the mechanism.

Using high increments and long trajectories, the spiromorph algorithm achieves smooth formal visualizations. Below are some of the test iterations with color.


Spiromorphs can be multiplied with symmetry folds during generation. Below are the six different symmetries that are used for the variations. These can be triggered for all the types. 


If you have made it this far then here is the important part that needs your attention...

A portion (5%) of the proceeds of this project will be donated to National Alzheimer's Foundation that is helping families who suffer from this terrible mental illness. 

I believe memories to be the most intangible and indispensable part of human consciousness and experience in life. When I lost my father in late 2019 due to Alzheimer’s, I realized that we haven’t had a chance to build any more memories together for the past decade. While creating art has offered me some personal redemption, with this project I hope to help alleviate some of the suffering this disease causes on families.

"Let’s not forget those who have forgotten..."


Thank you for your kind support!

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