Abigail Aragon

Yihan Wu

Deconstructed Spaceships

Media and Modeling Seminar

Spring 2015

Georgia Institute of Technology

This course will introduce advanced Nurbs modelling and pixel based graphic production, manipulation and design tools. These concepts will be introduced through three subsequent modules using Photoshop, Rhino and Vray. Work will be mainly presented through graphic images of either layered assemblies or visualization of complex 3d models. Students will learn new techniques on 2D manipulation of images and advanced 3D modeling techniques as well as texture mapping, lighting, photomontage, rendering and 3D printing.

This visual study seminar will be developed on the representation and articulation of detailed surfaces towards the design of futuristic spaceships. The 2D and 3D surface formations will consist of an assemblage of monochrome colors as a method to measure geometrical and aesthetical values. We will mainly work with non-standard surface geometries that will be extracted through decomposed conceptual images of vehicles, such as concept cars, motorcycles, planes and ships...etc. Surfaces have the potential to emerge into new multi-performative systems which can reflect into spatial conditions as well as aesthetic compositions. Using the marriage of digital modeling / image production techniques and experimental design we will explore new ways of producing tectonic geometry and representing it in conceptual environments.

Objectives of the course are:
Below are some of the main objectives and learning outcomes of the course.
+To develop an ability to test conceptual ideas with specific design intentions and digital tools
+Experiment with technological, material, geometrical and aesthetic parameters to achieve a desired end product
+Explore new ways to graphically represent complex geometry through different digital mediums
+Learn about architectural collage and image manipulation techniques through Photoshop.
+Learn advanced modeling techniques to create precise geometry through Rhino
+Learn advanced rendering techniques to represent material, lighting, texture and geometry through Vray

Matt Paterka