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Skin Pavilion
Paris, France

Team: Damien Valero, Jerôme Cognet, Gernot Riether and Jérôme Pougnant, Sabri Gokmen
Fabrication: Gernot Riether, Sabri Gokmen
Video Projection: Damien Valero, Jerôme Cognet, Jérôme Pougnant
Assembly: Damien Valero, Gernot Riether, Sabri Gokmen, Ance Mauge, Irene Iron, Alexandra Person, Frank Bermoser

Inspired by Ernst Haeckel’s Radiolaria drawings, the Skin Pavilion uses the assembly logic of cell colonies to produce structural and aesthetic architectural spaces. Designed for the Nuit Blance art exhibition, the pavilion utilizes flexible CNC cut HDPE (High-density polyethylene) members that acquire their rigid structural role when connected via metal screws. The geometry of each cell is computed using an algorithm that can subdivide a mesh geometry into polygonal-volumetric cells that can adjust to topological change and aperture requirements. 

The pavilion is fabricated using CNC technology where each cell geometry is first cut as two flat sheets that are to be combined along edges. Each cell is produced individually like a brick and then connected to the adjacent cells via their shared edges to produce the final form of the pavilion. 

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