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Opulent Grove
Proposal for City of Dreams Pavilion Competition
New York, NY

Competition Team: Sabri Gokmen, Matthew Riggs, Nicholas Coffee, Phebe Tam

Opulent Grove celebrates the coming of a new age, where design is controlled by computation, manufacture is dominated by sustainability, fabrication solely relies on the act of collaboration, and art is celebrated through its public exposure. The design of the pavilion takes inspiration from nature and growth, creating a bundle of artificial trees that spun from the ground and shoot upwards in order to create a colorful network. The dynamic pattern of the monumental structure attracts the visitors to explore the pavilion and enjoy various events to be held under its ornamental shade that will inspire a new generation of citizens.

The life cycle of the pavilion starts with a campaign to collect different colors of milk crates that will be donated to FIGMENT. The collected number of crates and color variations will be used in an algorithm to design the pavilion. The computer generated structure for this proposal uses 7219 milk crates that are used as building blocks. The crates are attached together via metal braces creating a truss-like structure. The materials that are manufactured for the pavilion will have low-impact on the environment to help raise public awareness on sustainability.

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