Proposal for Findlay Markey Art Competition


Cincinnati, OH

Machine bent steel tubes

The proposal is influenced by Alphonse Mucha’s lithographed posters that featured beautiful young women flooded with figuring threads of hair and flowers that transformed the Art Nouveau style. The hair of women was a central element to these ornamental posters that not only embellish the composition but also convey a sense beauty to communicate with the public. The dynamic form of the sculpture transforms the aesthetic threads to configure a networking structure in front of the Findlay Market to act as a canopy structure to accommodate the public for various events that take place.

The form is generated by using computer software that can create self-organizing vaulting arches. The spaces under the sculpture accommodates the public during events as well as enables pedestrian transition through the site. The 12 feet tall vaults make the sculpture a noticeable landmark and enable its exposure from various vantage points.    

Starting from the columns, metal tubes shoot upward to search and find each other to create structural joints as well as acquire a final stabilized form. This form is than embellished by adding tendrils that add more structural network as well as ornamental quality to the piece. Being placed within an active pedestrian traffic zone, the sculpture will act as a buffer between the street and the public market entrance plaza. The shiny golden finish of the threads will both reflect and block sunlight throughout the day that will create interesting visual effects for the visitors that are passing by the plaza. The dynamic form and the dense pattern of the sculpture will be visible from different approaches as well as other vantage points around the market that will attract curious individuals to the area.