Digital Survey​

Media and Modeling Seminar

Fall 2016

Georgia Institute of Technology

This course provides foundational instruction in the theory and practice of architectural computation and geometric description. The goals of this course are: to provide students with the core technical skills necessary to design and document architectural designs, while in parallel establishing a foundation of inquiry into the geometric and mathematical foundations of architectural geometry, form and space. 

Students will be introduced to ways of modeling geometry using computer aided design through lectures, tutorials, and assignments. The course is organized as a series of weekly modules that each introduce a topic of architectural / geometric representation. Lectures will provide the background, theoretical framework and historical context of the topic. Each session will have a designated workshop where students are expected to practice and utilize introduced concepts towards the completion of given assignments. Assignments will cover different types of geometry, compositional complexity and introduce students to different mediums of architectural production and media. 

Assignments will be organized around a group of selected precedent projects chosen from a range of historical epochs in architectural history, in order to develop rich and articulate drawings and models that are full of detail and aesthetic features. The precedents chosen for this module are: Hagia Sofia, Chartres Cathedral, Pagoda, Laurentian Library, Villa Rotonda, Alhambra, Grand Palais, Robie House and Pantheon.  

Coordinator: Dennis Sheldon
Instructor: Sabri Gokmen

Ali Areej + Marco Ancheita|Chartres Cathedral 

Young Im + Brenda Huynh|Pantheon

Meghan Shannon + Juliana Alfonso|Laurentian Library