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Parametric Design Seminar

Summer 2015 + Fall 2015

Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta, GA

This course will investigate contemporary methods and technologies for the design of building envelopes. The research on envelopes will be tackled from two different avenues using digital modeling/scripting tools. On one side students will be introduced to various tessellation systems that subdivide surface areas into tiles (whole to parts). On the other side, dynamic tiling and component systems will be considered to develop systems of adjacency and performative agency (parts to whole). This investigation will be carried with various exercises that will help students develop their own envelope assemblies. These systems will be tested on four types of envelopes to test their applicability and discuss their technological, social and political effects

David Verner |Vertical Envelope System 

Jialu Li| Flat Vertical Envelope System 

Mark Luffel| Spherical Envelope System 

Joanna Bledsoe| Flat Horizontal Envelope System 

Jialu Li| Spherical Envelope System 

Juija Ren | Spherical Envelope System 

Alya Al-Hashim | Flat Horizontal Envelope System 

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